Confession #3

The current state of my bathroom.

The current state of my bathroom.

I haven’t cleaned my bathroom in a month.

There is a layer of hairspray coating the countertops.  Toothpaste from my children has crusted and dried in the sink.  Dirty clothes are hanging over the side of the tub.  There is dog/kid/adult hair on the floor.  I don’t know how long that sippy cup has been there, and frankly, I’m afraid to open it and see what’s inside. I won’t even mention the toilet.

How can you live in such filth you ask?  It’s beyond me.  I’m actually a bit of a clean freak/OCD/ADD/perfectionist type.  I don’t like things being out of order or dirty.  But somehow, the bathroom has gotten OUTOFCONTROL and I just don’t even know where to start.  Oh, I’ve had time to clean it.  You can’t see it but there is a bucket of cleaning supplies sitting on the floor in there, just screaming “please use us!”  But every time I go to start, I just stand there, with a tear in my eye, paralyzed by the utter chaos that is before me.  Anyone else have this problem?? As I stood there a few minutes ago, debating on where/how/if/when to start cleaning, it struck me.

Maintenance is so much easier than overhaul…in every area of our lives.

If I would just make the effort to maintain a clean bathroom rather than letting it go and waiting until it’s absolutely filthy to clean it, life would be so much more pleasant.  There would be no hairballs floating around the floor and no curdled sippy cups to clean out.

This applies to every area of life- mentally, emotionally, physically, relationally and spiritually. Especially as moms, we stay so busy giving and doing and helping and loving everyone else, it is so easy for our lives to get cluttered with stuff that just builds and builds until we are standing there looking at ourselves and wondering, “how in the world did it get this bad?”  Maybe it’s stress that has piled up.  Perhaps it’s your health that you’ve let go.  Maybe you’ve neglected your relationships with friends/family/God.  Life gets crazy, quick.  And if we don’t maintain ourselves, we get to the point of being overwhelmed and feeling helpless.

I encourage you today to take an evaluation of yourself in these five areas and be honest about how you are doing.  Are you mentally overloaded?  Are you emotionally empty?  Are you physically struggling?  Are your relationships strained?  Are you spiritually famished?

Sweet mama friends, we must take care of ourselves.  No one else will.  To be who and what and where and when and all we need to be, we must first look in the mirror and be real with ourselves.  No facades, no masks, no filters.  The start to being honest and open to others is being honest and open with ourselves.  Let the truth set you free and on the path to change, healing and recovery!

Now excuse me while I snap on a pair of yellow gloves and tackle my nemesis.  This might get ugly.

4 thoughts on “Confession #3

  1. tessfull2 says:

    Oh girl you are so bold to share such secrets! I loved your thoughts here and have been thinking similar ones… Soul fuel series on what it takes to keep the balance. Mama went down for a week with sickness, and it is not pretty. I tackled the kitchen yesterday but the laundry room tile is now a carpeted with dirty smelly muddy clothes of spring and I can hardly bring myself to start on it. Thanks for keeping it real! #fistbump

    • confessionsofanhonestmom says:

      Isn’t it freeing to just put our “dirty laundry” (and in your case, literally) out there? I love knowing I’m not alone in the chaos! Here’s to digging our heels in and cleaning out the clutter, both literally and figuratively! Thanks for reading!

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